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Landscaping Company Chicago has a wide variety of gardening options for residential and business clients in Chicago, Illinois. Our team of experts provides regular maintenance of lawns and gardens. Furthermore, we are also excellent in water sprinkler installations and irrigation Chicago IL systems. We’re great at building a new Chicago landscape, introducing hardscaping and lighting, and giving drainage and erosion treatments to guard your Landscaping Company Chicago IL. For your Chicago IL landscaping needs, Landscaping Company Chicago will be here to help!

Are you an entrepreneur or homeowner wanting to enhance your Chicago landscape? Or perhaps you wish to update your Chicago space to showcase the quality and character of your company? Landscaping Company Chicago is thrilled to develop a world-class industrial landscape and other services related to lawn care. You can trust that our landscape staff members will get the task done correctly the first time we do it. We strive hard to make your landscape design Chicago IL look professional and attractive from yard maintenance to lighting installations and Chicago landscape design. Here at Landscaping Company Chicago, we’re dedicated to looking after our customers’ Chicago IL landscaping needs. Our intensive and mindful team of experts is reliable, honest, and proficient that’s why we are among the best Chicago landscaping companies. You can rely on Landscaping Company Chicago to always keep your home at its best!

Chicago Landscaping Services

As part of Landscaping Company Chicago’s resolve for landscape design Chicago IL excellence, we promptly offer quality to make sure we satisfy and surpass our client’s criteria. Business and property owners are aware they are in a position to visit us to get a fast, professional, and dependable job for Chicago gardening services. We guarantee quick response times, and Landscaping Company Chicago uses superior machinery, which is sharpened every day. With the perfect blend of landscape expertise, experience, along with quality-driven methods, you can place your trust in Landscaping Company Chicago. Our Chicago IL landscapers serve the residents of the greater Illinois area, and our commercial landscaping Chicago customers include hotels, banks, schools, and more.

Why worry about your landscape issues if you have expert Chicago bungalow landscaping services to undertake the job for you. We supply the following landscape in Chicago Illinois services:

Landscape Maintenance

Landscaping Company Chicago has a wide variety of gardening services Chicago IL, to care for your trees, lawn, and garden throughout the entire season. We have expertise in maintenance for multi-unit particular developments, municipalities, commercial properties, and residential Landscaping Company Chicago.

Installation and Design

Whether we’re structuring a stunning new landscape or enhancing an existing one, we have proper design requirements and plant resources for each place and exposure. Our landscape design Chicago IL professionals will implement your plan and turn your fantasy into a reality.

Tree Care -Landscaping Company Chicago will take proper proper care of the and look of your respective trees and help reduce the potential for liability in your home. We offer a broad range of commercial and residential tree care services.

Snow and Ice Removal

 During winter, we provide 24-hour ice and snow removal services, like driveways, salting/plowing roadways, and parking areas, along with shoveling and de-icing of walkways, stairs, & passageways.

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One of the Best Chicago Landscaping Companies

We are privileged to be overseers of the planet. At Landscaping Company Chicago, we give our best to make the earth that we are residing in far more appealing by structuring, building, along with preserving landscapes in communities, industrial settings, and private homes in Chicago. We ensure to use plant health care remedies that are environment-friendly and sustainable. When you opt to partner with Landscaping Company Chicago, you are picking a group that makes an appropriately structured, introduced, and well-maintained landscape that looks its best. We create and make outside areas fit your lifestyle and enhance the value of your home. When your landscapes appear to be great, and so do we! Over 85% of our new customers come from referrals. Landscaping Company Chicago features an excellent history of best practices in the marketplace and compliance with local and state guidelines. The ultimate goal of Landscaping Company Chicago is to deliver outstanding Landscaping Company Chicago services. We take great pride in well-educated and reliable employees with distinctive expertise.

Chicago Landscape Design

If you want to get a specialist landscape service to assist you with your landscape maintenance requirements, it is essential you know the different services. To be in a position to aid you in getting the best out of landscape services Chicago, we’re planning to describe the specifics of each service below:

General Bed Maintenance/Detailing

This landscape service includes debris removal, weeding, ground cover trimming/controlling, eliminating spent blossoms, and expulsion and analyzing of browning branches and leaves. This particular system is a must-have because it guarantees your yard keeps its curb appeal throughout the year.

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation start-up and shut down are a part of many landscape maintenance agreements. Even though most individuals begin their irrigation framework in the springtime (if they have one), not every person has their framework winterized. By not having water extinguished from the lines, the water can freeze and grow in the winter months, leading to problems for their framework. The damage is normally more expensive than just maintaining the framework and getting it winterized appropriately. Some service agreements also include a monthly check-in registration for optimum usage/water efficiency. Landscaping Company Chicago’s service agreements do include this particular proactive action. By examining it out, we can have the best possible plant health and look for any irrigation system Chicago IL.

Seasonal Display

Seasonal displays can have annual blooms for summertime, autumn, and spring. It can also have holiday greens and holiday lighting. These services consist of an extra level of appeal on landscapes and a zeal for the seasonal changes.


 Mulching is frequently done a few times annually, depending on the agreement. Although many consider mulch Chicago as visually gratifying, mulch, in addition, has a few landscaping West Chicago IL benefits—weed minimization, root insulation, and water retention.

Leaf Removal

Leaf removal is tailored to many service agreements, and the client usually decides on the frequency of visits. Many clients just need one or two yearly. Nearly all of those customers will have leaf build-up between trips since their provider merely comes twice. A few customers lean toward as much as seven removals per season; thus, their property continues to be completely clean all fall. This option is entirely customizable.

Lawn Mowing

 Many mowing agreements differ from 28 to 32 mows. Mowing costs often include string trimming, edging, and blow out from hard surfaces.

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Landscape Design Chicago

Spring/Fall Clean-Up – This is a more arduous cleaning consisting of frequent bed maintenance and grass dividing, bed edging, mulch raking, and occasional perennial trim down. These solutions are like a “deep cleaning” of the landscape once or thrice a year. 

Pruning/Hedging – Pruning and hedging at an ideal time of the year for each vegetable kind are crucial for essential plant health and bloom performance. By employing a professional, you will get plants pruned at the very best time for their species. We prune to maximize or maintain form and size, expel spent blooms, eliminate diseased or dead limbs, and encourage development. Hedging, on the other hand, represents shaping plant life into geometric structures. Both are vital to the Chicago landscape.

Scene Plant Protect and Feed – This is generally known as Plant Health Case or PHC. Plants feed on the nourishment found within the soil. We call a selection of plants “heavy feeders.” This implies they receive a load of nutrition from the earth. Boxwood is an example of a heavy feeder. By proactively incorporating a plant feed/protect framework into the landscape, you’re likely to get feedings explicit for your plant and soil. You will also obtain pest and disease control to avoid common issues. This might include bagworms, black-spot, different kinds of mildew, aphids, and a lot more. This is dependent upon your service agreement but is significant for thriving plant life.

Landscaping West Chicago IL

Remember, not all landscaping companies in Chicago IL will offer each of the services types. You have to ensure that the Chicago IL landscaping companies you’re considering supply the remedies that are right for you, including French drain and sprinkler system repair Chicago. This can make sure you get the perfect results for your landscape and pergolas Chicago. Landscaping Company Chicago offers numerous kinds of services that are helpful to anybody looking for landscape maintenance. We can provide you countless Chicago Illinois landscaping ideas. People who use these services consist of new homeowners who want Landscaping Company Chicago IL and people who seek help with their existing landscape.

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Mulch Chicago

The changing seasons can have a toll on your lawn, but ensuring it remains healthy is essential. Caring and maintaining for your lawn guarantees it remains beautiful and lush over the scorching heat, dropping temperatures, and other components that can come its way. It doesn’t matter how much effort and time you put into your lawn; you might inadvertently be limiting its potential by neglecting one crucial task—Chicago lawn aeration.

Lawn aeration Chicago is crucial to enhance the overall health and appearance of your grass. In the same method in which a farmer’s field is plowed each year, your lawn must be aerated, typically in the springtime and fall. Aeration Chicago is required because of thatch buildup and soil compaction. Without lawn aeration Chicago, a yard cannot get to its full potential. In reality, this straightforward lawn care service is the groundwork for a healthy, gorgeous lawn. You can contact Landscaping Company Chicago to schedule an appointment now.

What is aeration? Chicago aeration is the procedure of taking out little plugs of soil so that water, nutrition, and oxygen can get to the grass’s roots. Our top-of-the-line aerator eliminates these narrow plugs every several inches. Aerating the soil is the sole strategy to compacted soil and lawn thatch—two of the most prevalent factors for unhealthy grass. Lawn thatch is a level of dead organic material that accumulates between the existing grass and the soil. Garden soil compaction and lawn thatch both prevent lawn growth by severely limiting oxygen circulation.

Chicago Bungalow Landscaping

Aerating a grass offers many advantages, like the following:

Nourished soil – To flourish, grass requires loose soil, enabling oxygen, nutrients, and water to move to its roots. Aeration breaks up the compact ground, making room for these essential nutrients.

Improved drainage – Compacted soil and thatch hinder water absorption. Meanwhile, loose soil enables water to arrive at the root system. Aerated lawns require a lot less water than ones that have not been aerated.

Deeper roots – When grass gets the correct amount of oxygen, nutrients, and water, it grows strong roots. Deep roots help the grass survive severe conditions like cold winters or summer droughts.

Less thatch –  Aeration may be the sole procedure that could break down thatch accumulation.

As you know, aerating is a crucial step to a strong, thriving, and resilient lawn. In reality, an aerated yard is considerably receptive to other lawn renovation projects. Take fertilizing, for instance. If you fertilize a property that has not been aerated, compacted soil and thatch may stop the nutrition from getting to the grassroots. Nevertheless, an aerated lawn provides the fertilizer a direct path to the origins.

When do you need to aerate? At Landscaping Company Chicago, we endorse aerating every fall—especially if you reside in Illinois. Several areas surrounding Chicago Illinois landscaping have soil with high clay concentrations. Because clay compacts very quickly, it is naturally more challenging for nutrients and water to penetrate the soil. Aeration solves this particular issue. 

Why go for an average lawn when you might have one which thrives? To schedule an aeration appointment, call us today. Along with lawn care, we additionally provide snow removal services. We look forward to giving your Chicago lawn the proper TLC it deserves.

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